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In order to obtain financing from banks, you need an evaluation of the company

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Having valuable market information is a must for success, but not enough.

Today, the action is truly the new power in business.

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  • Find out exactly how much your company is worth. Use the information in the appraisal report if you want to withdraw from the company or sell it
  • The evaluation report reveals to you all the unnecessary expenses, out of your control. This way, you will immediately stop the drainage of your money
  • Save your money - after the evaluation, you will make decisions based on real data and not imagination
  • Find out the exact current situation in your company and set clear goals for the future

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Our financial experts will quickly evaluate your company based on key documents and information.

Your financiers need the information in the evaluation report today . azi de informațiile din raportul de evaluare.

It's your company, it's natural to be emotionally attached. Your own estimate of value may not be true. Therefore, when it comes to evaluating your company, turn to NAI Romania specialists. If you are looking for new business partners, if you want to sell your business or retire, it's time to find out how much your company is worth. Find out the TRUTH. Today.

Complete evaluation services:

  • company valuation
  • evaluation of agricultural farms
  • evaluation of industrial halls
  • land valuation
  • evaluation of production plants
  • evaluation of technical equipment
  • evaluation of agricultural equipment
  • wind farm evaluation
  • real estate appraisal
  • hotel evaluation
  • apartment evaluation
  • house evaluation