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Owner Services

Project Leasing

Dedicated to operating from the owner's perspective, we aim to meet all leasing needs, from renting, renewals and extensions.

Management services

Our property management professionals work in tandem with our brokers to create a team that maximizes the value of an asset for property owners, offering a full range of management services, from acquisition to day-to-day operations to disposal.


Experts in the local real estate field, NAI Romania professionals provide you with unparalleled important information.

Our recommendations are fast, accurate and effective on property valuations. Beyond the undisputed experience, we provide you with relevant historical data, key elements that help in establishing price quotations.

Occupier Services

Tenant Representation

We work closely with tenants and negotiate on their behalf the best possible terms, taking into account their interests.


With a long history of consulting office occupants, NAI Romania offers value-added services such as budgeting, performance, job management and benchmarking.

Benchmarking is a structured process for comparing the work practices of the organization with similar practices identified in other organizations and implementing the best ideas in their own processes, with the role of improving quality.

Corporate Services

NAI Romania offers a wide range of corporate services for our busy clients, offering extensive experience in facility management, feasibility analysis, rental audits, process engineering, legal information and risk management.


Essential for both long-term strategic thinking and day-to-day tactics, our market research focuses on investment trends, local activity, and rental rates (among many others) to create and deliver the best course. action in your development plans.

Commercial property leasing services.

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