Our company helps institutions, companies and people to evaluate correctly and quickly all their real estate properties, which leads to a considerable improvement in the quality of life. After an evaluation, everything becomes fair and clear. Therefore, beyond the goal of increasing our market share, we constantly pursue the degree of satisfaction of our customers.

We rigorously evaluate, sell and make real estate recommendations, and our decisions are always based on real data, key information and sound market research.

Company values

Responsibility. We make our own decisions and are aware of the consequences of our actions. Ne asumǎm deciziile şi suntem conştienţi de consecinţele acţiunilor noastre.

Protecting the environment. We support the construction of Green Buildings, a new concept on the Romanian market, but with great media and social impact in developed countries. Susţinem construcţia Clǎdirilor Verzi, un concept nou pe piaţa din România, dar cu mare impact mediatic şi social în tarile dezvoltate.

Integrity. We demand from both us and our partners the observance of the highest ethical standards, and the services must be of the highest quality and delivered on time. Cerem atât de la noi şi cât şi de la partenerii noştri respectarea celor mai înalte standarde etice, iar serviciile trebuie să fie de cea mai înaltă calitate şi livrate în timpul promis.

De peste un deceniu, Appraisal & Valuation SA, deținătorul brandului NAI pentru România și Republica Moldova, a avut o evoluție ascendentă. În acest moment, am ajuns într-o poziție din care putem valorifica mai bine oportunitățile de dezvoltare de pe piața în creștere pe care evoluăm. NAI Romania este unul dintre liderii de piață în domeniul evaluărilor si a soluțiilor pentru dezvoltatorii imobiliari și nu a ajuns aici întâmplător. Ne-am dorit întotdeauna să ajutăm în mod real oamenii si companiile, de aceea privim problemele din punctul lor de vedere. Această perspectivă depășește bariera de comunicare și dezvoltă relațiile pe termen lung.

Our growth strategy is based on two strengths:

- On the one hand, the expertise held by our team of specialists, some of the best on the appraisal market;
- On the other hand, we have provided financial resources for the expansion of the business, which will be supplemented by the financing attracted from the capital market.
– Pe de altă parte, am prevăzut resurse financiare pentru expansiune.a business-ului, care vor fi completate de finanțarea atrasă de pe piața de capital.

Development strategy - Opportunities

We will expand our activity through acquisitions of specialized companies on the related services market:

- real estate administration;
- project management;
- technical advice and expertise;
- facility management;
- real estate consulting;
- accounting;
- audit;
- financial consultancy;
- insurance.

City Hall Evaluation

A major achievement is expanding the service portfolio, helping investors identify the best investment opportunities in real estate and profitable businesses. Another achievement is related to innovation, being the only company in Romania that offers services to evaluate the past activity of City Halls.

The newly appointed mayors will be able to find out exactly what happened during the old leadership.

Thus, it will be possible to make wise decisions based on real data to help achieve the proposed objectives.

Real Estate Solutions - complete solutions for real estate developers

Real Estate Solutions, the complete services that propel real estate business to the next level.


NAI Romania is one of the market leaders for evaluation services, being the exclusive representative of NAI Global in Romania and the Republic of Moldova. NAI Global is a network of independent commercial real estate companies and one of the largest providers of commercial real estate services worldwide. NAI Global manages a network of 5,000 professionals and 375 offices in 55 countries around the world.