In construction, unforeseen events occur daily on site, and the lack of your attention even for only a few days can lead to significant material damage.

Therefore, your vigilance is crucial for the success of construction and especially for keeping all expenses under control.

However, site supervision is not enough, you have to sell to ensure continuity of the project.

What does the customer want to know about you? What determines him to establish a vision?

Let's look at everything from the point of view of the buyer, the one who will ultimately reward your efforts.

If you were to make a list of the key elements that lead to the success of any real estate project beyond price and location, then they would be:

  • Credibility
  • Positive market image of past projects (if any)
  • Transparency
  • Seriousness
  • Compliance with the promised delivery time
  • Compliance with the promised delivery time



Real Estate sales services

Customers do not buy immediately. Why? Because they see everything as an investment in which they are employed for life, with considerable rates at banks.

Clients need a list of clear benefits and factors that differentiate your project from all other options. Because it's not like that, we all have competition.

Therefore, we will start with an analysis of the benefits that the client has when purchasing your property.

Moreover, we identify all the fears / objections for which they would not buy and we dismantle them one by one.

Basically, we have a well-prepared answer to every customer question.

And because the sale will take place in stages, we will have the most frequently asked questions and answers well documented for each stage, from interest to the payment of the advance.

In other words, our sales agents, in addition to being experienced in the field, have weapons such as advanced real estate sales techniques customized according to the offer of your project.

Our agents make friends very easily with clients , because they understand the human need to establish a relationship based on trust before signing the contract. Which rarely happens in a hectic market, where every builder waves in front of people a few dry images with concrete and bricks., pentru ca înțeleg nevoia umană de a stabili o relație bazata pe încredere înainte de semnarea contractului. Ceea ce rar se întâmplă pe o piață agitată, unde fiecare constructor flutură în fața oamenilor câteva imagini seci cu betoane și cărămizi.

Or it's not about concrete in real estate sales.

The quality of the construction is an absolutely mandatory condition, but not sufficient.

Real estate advertising services

The package of services includes advertising geared to the needs and desires of customers:

  • Complete marketing service

  • Customized marketing strategy

  • Creating key messages

  • Identify differentiators from the competition

  • Professional photo-video sessions at the location

  • Create a modern website

  • Professional pages and compelling posts on the social networks Facebook and Instagram

  • Production and broadcasting of video spots

Representation and sales services

  • Access to the database of potential customers

  • Property representation services

  • Meeting and viewing services with end customers

  • Concluding sales contracts and tracking their receipts

Property management services

  • Maintenance and repair services
  • Rental services
  • Management services


  • Get rid of marketing and sales worries. Thus, you can focus on the problems during construction that are not few at all
  • Success puts you in the top real estate developers, which translates to CREDIBILITY for future projects
  • Your company will have an enviable public image


Discover today our complete solution for your real estate business!

With the help of integrated marketing services, you can now get the price you want for all your properties


  • Time means money! We help you sell faster than you originally planned!
  • We ensure your sales at the desired price and not with endless negotiations
  • You earn more in a shorter time
  • Your business is now predictable, which could lead to interest rates being renegotiated with lending banks.

Frequently asked questions

How much does advertising and real estate sales cost?

Advertising and real estate sales services are customized according to the ambition of the developers, the deadline and the scope of the projects. Call today for a price quote.

Can I use the services of NAI Romania even if they are at the project stage?

The sooner you ask us, the better. A marketing strategy can also be polished on the go, it is important to communicate the messages to people as soon as possible.

Can I order only one of the service packages or do you only propose a complete solution?

Real Estate Solutions means advertising + sales + managing your property. You can order any of these solution packages separately.

In which cities do you work?

You can enjoy the quality of NAI Romania services anywhere in Romania and the Republic of Moldova.

Get rid of the worry of selling your property!

Many of the successful real estate projects are sold right during the construction stages

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