Libra Internet Bank becomes the first bank in Romania to offer a product dedicated to real estate developers who build Green Homes certified buildings, following the partnership concluded with ROGBC - Romanian Council for Green Buildings

  • Through this partnership, Libra Internet Bank will offer, for the first time, a banking product intended exclusively for real estate developers who will build with special care for the environment, the resulting buildings being Green Homes certified.
  • At the same time, Libra Internet Bank will also offer preferential interest rates to individuals who purchase a Green Home (Green Building) certified home by the Romanian Council for Green Buildings (ROGBC).

Bucharest, 03.08.2021 . The Romanian Council for Green Buildings (ROGBC) and Libra Internet Bank have concluded a strategic partnership, following which the bank will launch for the first time for the Romanian market a product dedicated to real estate developers who will build Green Buildings.. Consiliul Român pentru Clădiri Verzi (ROGBC) și Libra Internet Bank au încheiat un parteneriat strategic, în urma căruia banca va lansa în premieră pentru piața din România un produs dedicat dezvoltatorilor imobiliari care vor construi Clădiri Verzi.

At the same time, Libra Internet Bank will facilitate the access of individuals to such green homes, by providing low-interest financing for these purchases. In addition to lower financing costs, these customers will be able to enjoy another great benefit: the lowest possible price for maintenance, thanks to smart construction with care for the environment and the use of alternative energy resources.

"The partnership with Libra Internet Bank will contribute both to the growth of the real estate and banking markets, as well as to our information and awareness program on caring for the environment, by building responsibly. People will live healthier in a certified Green Building, the quality of life here being clearly superior to ordinary buildings ", said Andrei Botiş, President of the Romanian Council for Green Buildings. Andrei Botiş, Președinte al Consiliului Român pentru Clădiri Verzi.

"We specialize in providing financing solutions for real estate developers, with whom we have been for 7 years. Based on this innovative partnership, we will offer real estate developers the financing opportunity they needed for the construction of green buildings, by launching, soon, a dedicated product, unique on the Romanian market. In addition, we will facilitate the access of individual clients to these sustainable homes, made to the highest standards of environment and energy efficiency ", said Emil Bituleanu, General Manager of Libra Internet Bank. Emil Bituleanu, Director General al Libra Internet Bank.

Libra Internet Bank, a member of the American investment group New Century Holdings, is one of the most dynamic banks in Romania in recent years, specializing in areas such as the liberal professions, real estate developers and agribusiness. The bank pays special attention to modern technology and partnerships with fintechs.

About Romania Green Building Council (ROGBC)

Romania Green Building Council is a non-profit association that supports the cause of building responsibly towards the environment, being the organization that grants Green Homes certificates.

Green Homes is a term used for buildings built and used in a responsible way towards the environment, throughout their life cycle: design, construction, use, maintenance, renovation and demolition.

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e-mail: info@rogbc.org